The real question is will it ever come.  In the quest for ever more options in the plugin sector of the EV market, Volvo released this eye catching wagon to the European market in the 2012 model as a diesel/electric hybrid with a wide selection of driving modes.

The issue is that the diesel that powers the European model is not clean enough to meet US standards.  This seems to be an issue that is easy enough to overcome.  Just ask VW.

It may be that the Swedish automaker is not convinced that the US market is truly ready to make the technology switch to the more costly to produce Plugin Hybrids.

However, the reality is that Americans are making the switch at an increasing rate.  By delaying their entry into the market, Volvo is at risk of being further pushed out by their once loyal customer base.  The V60 PHEV has a greater EV only range (30 miles) than the Mini Clubman PHEV (20 miles) but risks losing out to it’s more sporty competition.


Volvo V60 PHEV | Fully Charged