renault_zoe_battery upgradeWe heard for years in the DIY EV conversion days that one of the benefits of having an electric car was that you would be able to swap the batteries out for better batteries as technology improved.  Tesla has already demonstrated the capability to quickly change the batteries in the Model S.  Well now Renault is pushing that concept to the forefront and introducing the possibility of having their cars be able to accept an upgrade.

The head of electric vehicle development at Renault, Beatrice Foucher, has said that it will be important to see what customers demand as their interest in the ability to upgrade will likely drive the development of this option as implementation will require an upgrade to the electrical control system as well. She does not believe the best tactic is the use of range extenders like BMW does in the I3.  Instead, she feels that customer range anxiety will be short lived with the introduction of better infrastructure for charging of electric vehicles.